Employee Engagement and organizational health Survey and Reporting Account for your organization.

7 Question Employee Engagement Survey that ties directly to the tools of EOS and Traction and other systems like scaling up and pinnacle.

Employee Engagement in Seven Simple Questions. BITE7™ is anchored in real-world research around Employee Engagement; what Millennials want from work; and what makes business operating systems like EOS® and Scaling Up™ work, and not work. To understand the research and background read Walt Brown’s book – Attract or Repel

We all know what gets measured gets done. Request access to your account and get started today. Monitor your progress over time by gathering your individual contributors’ opinions using the BITE7 Survey™.

“The Seven Critical Needs  completely transformed our culture with this process. As a founder, I want everyone to have the same passion I have about my business, and with the seven questions and getting to yes, I am now able to develop my staff and have them see their careers within this business while becoming extremely passionate, engaged, and Patient.”

Two Great Options To Get Started With the BITE7 Survey™ For Your Organization

Account For Your Organization

Collect responses from everyone in your organization by inviting your team to complete the survey. Keep the results in your account so you can review over time and check your progress. Send the survey to all of your individual contributors every 6 months.

Individual Survey

Take the BITE7 Survey™ survey on behalf of your entire team and benchmark where you think you are as a team. You will receive an assessment within 2-3 minutes including worksheets to see how close you are to attaining and maintaining Yes to each question. 

BITE7 Framework™

What if your people could answer YES to these seven questions week after week?


  1. Do I Belong? Yes.
  2. Do I Believe? Yes.
  3. Do I understand and embrace what I am Accountable for? Yes.
  4. Do I understand and embrace how I am Measured? Yes.
  5. Do I understand and embrace how I am Heard? Yes. 
  6. Do I understand and embrace how I am Developed? Yes. 
  7. Do I understand and embrace how I maintain Balance? Yes.

Convenient Options To Quickly Share

Email your survey to your imported contacts.

Get a link to your survey and share.

Copy and paste survey questions into external emails or webpages.

Embed your survey in a webpage with an IFrame.

the bite index reporting page showing the level of organizational health

Audit and Improve

Real-time reporting allows you to see your results and understand areas for improvement. Create a plan that maps back to the tools in your Business Operating System.

  1. Where are we the strongest?
  2. Where are we the weakest?
  3. Which area has the biggest deficiency?
  4. What should be our first priority?
  5. What tools should we sharpen?