Attract or Repel by Walt Brown (Paperback)


As an employee, have you ever rolled your eyes while completing the latest employee engagement survey and thought to yourself, “Well, this is going nowhere, just like the many that came before… (big sigh).”

As an executive, are you in love with one or more of the beautiful schools of thought advanced by the following authors? Patrick Lencioni’s Trust and Trust Pyramid, Clifton’s Speed of Trust, Gallup’s Employee Engagement, Brene Brown’s Courageous Leadership, Google and Amy Edmondson’s Psychological Safety? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want this for my organization but how? How do I bring the 25,000-foot theory to the ground? How do I make it real for each individual contributor?”

As an employer, are you looking to the future wondering how you are going to solve the M/Zillennial riddle? Are you wondering how you approach and engage this workforce? [Are you wondering how you stop the peer-pods from leaving, how to stop the quite quitting?] Are you wondering what is the message you send and the message you keep to attract and retain this important population?

As an owner, have you invested a significant amount of money, senior leadership time, and organizational effort into a popular turn-key Organizational Operating System (OOS) like EOS®, Scaling up, Pinnacle, or 4Dx? Are you left wondering, “Is this all there is? How do I actually measure the impact of my investment or the effectiveness of our implementation? How do I make it more valuable; how do I keep it alive?”

These are not my questions; these are your questions and they were the same questions my 200 clients were asking while helping discover and develop the BITE7 Framework presented in this book. Whether you’re using a popular turnkey OOS like EOS or have developed your own system, the BITE7 Framework will guide you towards building a healthy organization that attracts the right people and repels those who are not the right people. By prioritizing elements such as Buy-in, Inclusion, Trust, and Engagement (BITE), you’ll create an environment where individuals thrive and contribute to the success of your organization.

Through insightful guidance, I take you on a transformative journey, helping you navigate the complexities of Organizational Health dynamics. You’ll gain the tools and knowledge to measure and enhance Organizational Health, resulting in improved teamwork, effective leadership, empowered individuals, and a more profitable and purpose-driven organization.

Attract or Repel is your essential companion on the path to building a healthy and thriving organization that attracts the right people, fosters collaboration, and drives sustainable success. Embrace the power of Organizational Health and unleash the full potential of your OOS, your teams, your people, and your company.