Using our Certified Coach Concierge Service™ For Your First Two SurveysIS THE FASTEST WAYTO MASTER AND USE BITE7™ WITH YOUR ORGANIZATION.

So Where Do You Start, It’s Simple.

Here is The Proven Process.

BITE7™ was built to avoid the three traps why Employee Engagement and Organizational Health efforts fail. The BITE7 Framework™ is a field proven game-changer – One simple seven question survey coupled with your BITE Index™ is how you unlock the power of your great people using the tools of your BOS (Business Operating System like EOS®, Scaling Up, Pinnacle, System and Soul).


    • It is how you flip the script making your operating system implementation for your employees and not to them.
    • It is how you finally root out all of the organizational confusion and dysfunction that is holding your people back from being their best selves at work.
    • It is how you empower your people to attract the right people while repelling the wrong ones.
    • It is how you recapture the company you always dreamed of.

DISCOVERY CALL with your coach

30 Minutes

Speak with a BITE7™ Certified Coach to understand how it works, answer all your questions, and prepare your team to complete the BITE7 Proven Process™.  


Buy-In Meeting

90 Minutes

Your team attends a 90 minute workshop with your BITE7 Certified Coach™ to understand the why, the method, the psychology and history in order to build the confidence to send your first survey out to your employees. You will leave having all of the information you need to make a decision if BITE7 is right for your organization.



2 Weeks 
Answers in just 2 weeks!

We will coach you all the way on how to complete the setup of your BITE7 Survey account and send the first survey out to your employees. Your BITE7 Certified Coach will help you with the scripting and check during throughout the survey being open. We allow two weeks for all employesss to complete the survey. Our goal is 100% participation – that is where the gold is. Your coach will help you dig for it.


Action Plan Meeting

3 Hours
In the BITE7 Index Results Workshop™ you will review the results of your BITE7 Index Report with your coach and create a roadmap for improvement, building an action plan for your highest impact tools.

BITE7 Survey and Promises

Every 6 Months
You will leave your Action Plan Workshop with an agreed to plan and roadmap to improve the understanding and use of the tools in your operating system. Now you are also ready to make your promise to the company. Your organization will always evolve. As a result we have found that administering the BITE7 Survey, completing an Action Plan Meeting, and making your promises every six (6) months is the right cadence.

We Believe

Employee Engagement

is a Promise.

Your promise sounds like this: “Everyone, I am making a promise to you. A promise I plan to keep with your help. I promise to surround you with people who know they Belong, who Believe in what we are doing, who understand and embrace how they are Accountable to themselves, to you and to everyone else, who get how they are Measured, who actively share their thoughts and want to be Heard, who always have an attitude of growth and want to be Developed and who are free of drama because they are Balanced. This is the kind of organization I always dreamed of and the one, with your help, I intend to build and protect.”

The BITE7 Survey™ addresses these four areas:

  • 7 Employee Engagement Questions

  • 7 Things Millennials want from work

  • 7 Truths, why EOS® and Scaling up work and don’t work. 

  • 7 Truths around where you need help in your EOS Implementation.

To be effective, your employee engagement effort must address these 3 things:

  • It must be Simple and Consistent – fewer questions are better, always the same.
  • It must map clearly to the tools of an operating system like EOS @.
  • It must be seen by your employees as something being done for them, not to them.